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    Hey Eric,

    Just got the TType out of moth balls and am going through the numbers to make sure all is well.

    I attached a screen shot, but there are 2 questions/concerns I have based off the nominal data I believe is attached to the chip. These numbers are at idle.


    Spark Adv: 37.xx deg??
    O2 Volts: at idle open loop, 1.0+, in closed loop, jumpy between .5 and .99

    I just replaced the O2 sensor before I put it in storage 18 months ago. I started and let idle for a time on occasion, but no real driving since replacing.

    Am I reading it wrong, or is there something off here?


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    That software uses a different scale factor for O2's, so it won't read the same as the typical Buick scantools. It will read much higher.

    On the spark advance, that data is not outputted in the normal datastream on the Buick, unless it's in ALDL mode (don't know what that software). In ALDL mode, 10 degrees is added to spark, and the idle is raised to around 1000 as I recall.

    There may be some other variables that are not scaled correctly.

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