setting up a fuel level sensor in tunerstudio

Discussion in 'ecu-GN Tech Help' started by Ltblue87T, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Ltblue87T

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    I'd like to have a fuel level sensor in tunerstudio for my raspberry pi dash. No longer using the stock gauge. I see that CAN ADC04 has a built in pull up resistor. Could this be used? And if so what values would I need to use when setting up a generic sensor. I have the analog style sensor 0-90 ohm I think. Thanks.
  2. EricM

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    Yes, that should work fine. You'll need to set that jumper inside the box, which applies the built-in pull-up resistor for CAN ADC04. You "might" need to run a dedicated ground from the sender to the ECU, but you can try without it and see how it works.

    Set it up like this pic to start with, which should give a 0 to 100 approx value, then you can create a gauge. You might need to tweak the values. I used generic sensor 9 in this example.

    fuel level setup2.png
  3. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    The gauge will likely be a bit jumpier than the original needle gauge. That's why I put the lag factor at the lowest number (smoothest).
  4. Ltblue87T

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    Great, thank you. I should have a chance to do it this week.

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