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    I am looking for a chip and injectors for a Turbo Trans Am. The car had 30 lb injectors, 16.5 PSI of boost, 7.6:1 pistons, small cam, ported heads, and MAF translator. At one time, I had a Thrasher chip and the car was getting 35 MPG. The scan master would show normal points when at idle, but as soon as I would step on the gas it would remove as many points as it could. I believe it was running rich.

    Recently, I had another chip and injectors put in it. Not only did I lose the gas mileage, but detonation is really bad. It is down to 10 PSI of boost, so the car has no power.

    I would like to add alcohol injection, to see if I can make the detonation go away. Do you have a chip with a lean run mode and EGR? Is there any way to bring the gas mileage back?

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    Unfortunately, no I don't have a chip that will give you those features.

    I would try to figure out what chip and injectors you have, and troubleshoot why the boost dropped so low. It shouldn't be knocking at only 10psi.


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