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  1. ppress79

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    Hi eric, My truck has been down for some time and am now re-tuning. The instructions call for 30-40 iac and tps .60-.90. The best I can get is 85 IAC and .51 TPS. i have followed the service manual proceedure for troubleshooting both and they work correctly. If I raise the TPS any farther to try to get the correct TPS and lower the IAC it starts to manually raise the idle. Was wondering if a large cam (.547/232@.050/114LSA) can be be the reason I cannot get the correct numbers?

  2. EricM

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    Raise the TPS (using the throttle stop) with the ignition off. Then start the engine and let it settle. See if that helps. You might even need to drive around a little bit.
  3. Typhoon0627

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    I have this exact problem as well.

    I tightened the throttle stop screw with the engine off, and got the TPS volts up to .6, but when I start it up, the MAP goes down to 25.6, IAC goes to 80, my TPS% is at 3.5%, which then raises the idle up to 1650, and it doesn't correct and come back down. I tried this with the truck off after I warmed it up, tried driving it around after, even pulled the ECM fuse to let the chip reset and then drove it around town for 20min so it could re-learn everything, and no change. If I back the throttle stop screw out til TPS% is at 0%, the TPS volts go down to .49, IAC is 41, and MAP is 29.5.

    A couple other issues I have are when I'm stopped (in drive or park), if I barely tap the gas like TPS 7.5%, my RPMs dip a couple hundred, AFR goes down to 10.3 and then the RPMs and AFR go back up. Like it's getting too much fuel, flooding, and then recovering.

    I'm also having a weird issue which might also be related. If I have the truck in D, and take my foot off the brake from a stop light, the truck will slowly accelerate enough for it to shift into 2nd without ever having touched the gas pedal. Yesterday I was cruising at 45mph in 4th/OD with my foot off the gas. Other times, if I take my foot off the gas as I'm decelerating to a stop sign, the RPMs will randomly go up as I'm slowing down, and then they'll eventually come down under 1000 as I come to a stop. I've adjusted the TV cable, and replaced all the vacuum lines with silicon lines, and gone through them more times than I care to mention, to make there aren't any leaks.

    Could all this related as a result of my baseline settings being off, and the manual saying it needs to see 25-30 IAC, and .6 TPS volts, and 30-40 MAP to work right?
  4. EricM

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    It's not critical that the TPS is .60. In the instructions, I was simply noting that typically its in the .60-.90 range, but it's fine at .49 if everything is running ok there. It's mainly the TPS % that we're concerned with. It needs to be zero or under 1% when your foot is off the gas, or the IAC and other things may not work right.

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