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    Eric please view attached logs #55,56 were logged at a 300 ft race event some significant wheel spin happened on #55 oopps. #57 was the drive home for more of an overall view. closed loop is turning off in par #5,#6 and commanding in 12's for afr. any idea why? seem to see a bit of kr right in that area. also in higher rpm do you think i shoul add boost now to lean out a bit? pull back ve? end result i would like to be in upper 20's boost. any other input appreciated. thanks.

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    When in spool mode, closed loop correction is turned off. When, and how long it's turned off is controlled by the spool mode parameters on the tune page.
    In the 12's for AFR would be normal in that area of boost (0 to 13psi or so)

    This is speed density, so if you add boost, it will add fuel along with it. If you want to change the AFR, then you would change the target AFR. If your AFR is not matching your target, then you adjust VE.

    You asked if you should lean it out at high rpm. You have the target AFR set to 11.1, and you are at 11.1 actual in the log at high rpm, so its doing what you are telling it. Are you saying you want it to be leaner than 11.1?

    To me, the knock looks false since it only appears below 30mph or on the launch.


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