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  1. ShaunKris

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    I was curious if there is anything I need to know and or do when I instal an Alky system on my 84GN hot-air.
    -AXiS & Chip
    -60lb inj
    -Hard Coldair Intake
    -LT1 MAF
    -86-87 ECU
    -AEM Wideband
  2. EricM

    EricM Administrator Staff Member

    Turn on the alcohol switch inside the Axis box. Then you can start working with how much boost you want to run. Use the WOT dial in the Axis to tune the WOT AFR to around 10.8 AFR give or take. You will likely be able to run more timing also. Just watch for knock.
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  3. ShaunKris

    ShaunKris Member

    Awesome! Thanks Eric!

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